Hingham Journal Letter

Letter to the Editor of the Hingham Journal, by Bob & Lib Blucke

Why Buy the Water Company?

Having lived in Hingham almost 50 years, I want to commend our town employees and the various Town committees that have so successfully operated and managed our various Town facilities.

They have picked up new challenges and performed well. Local hands-on control has proven itself--just look at the record and remember how fortunate we all are with the services provided by the Town.

When we call the DPW, someone answers the phone and the DPW usually respond to my issues within 24 hours. Our streets are always plowed promptly. The Transfer Station operates effectively, and personnel are responsive. Trees in our neighborhood that have fallen in the street are removed in short order. Isn't local control great where you can get something done?

Remember how the Town successfully took control of the South Shore Country Club and provides maintenance, a restaurant, functional social facilities and a great golfing experience. The Town manages all this and also returns a substantial financial return to our treasury.

The Light Plant is a jewel-it keeps our fees down and trims the trees to avoid the power outages which you see in surrounding Towns that don't have local control. When you call, you get a knowledgeable answer and problems are fixed promptly.

Our travels around surrounding towns make me glad we live in Hingham with these superior services, which we receive because the Town Committees are closely involved in the functions they supervise, and the employees are responsive to this local control. Have you called one of these large corporate phone or utilities recently and tried to get something done? If we as a Town can operate all these above facilities, I am confident we can operate a water company as most towns in Mass. do already. It isn't rocket science.

This long-term decision we are making is going to produce substantial cost savings to residents. Operating costs of a water company are mostly financial. The Town can borrow at much lower interest rates, it doesn't incur taxes and doesn't have to provide a profit to an outside Mass. corporation. As residents, we can achieve much lower water costs as the outside consultant has pointed out, as well as better service from the local control which we know. Right now, we have an exciting opportunity for a better future. We should seize this opportunity while we have the chance.

Bob & Lib Blucke, 21 Howland Lane