In the late 1800’s, a few Hingham citizens founded the Hingham Water Company after town meeting rejected the then novel idea of piping water from Accord Pond to the other end of town. The incorporators offered preference to their fellow citizens in buying stock or bonds of the company, and granted the inhabitants of Hingham an option to buy the company’s assets at any time. The company operated privately under local ownership for over a hundred years. But in the 1980’s, the company merged with two others, and has since been sold multiple times to big foreign investors. In 2017, Aquarion was purchased by a huge New England gas and electric utility, Eversource, which wants to get into the profitable water business for the first time. This behemoth utility bears no resemblance to the home-grown Hingham Water Company.


Hingham Decides to Consider Buying the Water Company:

In 2012, dissatisfied with water rates among the highest in Massachusetts, and unhappy about how Aquarion maintained the water system, the Hingham Board of Selectmen established the town’s Water Company Acquisition Study Committee to examine whether it is time to exercise the town’s right to purchase the company.


What Did the Town’s Committee find?

All of the information on the FAQ page is based on the results of the town committee’s study. But the complete results were present to the Board of Selectmen in July of 2018, and the full reports are here, as well as on the town’s website:


For more information from the Town of Hingham’s Water Company Acquisition Study Committee visit:

Hingham Water Company Acquisition Study Committee